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Get passive income from your unused SMS
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Do you know you can make money from the unused SMS in your mobile plan?
Simply sell these unused messages to us and start smiling to the bank
Get started by installing the “SMS Cashback” app and make cool cash right from your comfort zone.
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What is SMS Cashback?
SMS Cashback is modern and highly comfortable platform in which you can earn money with little to no effort. As a cashback app and the most stylish money making application in the market, SMS Cashback basically pay users in return for giving out their unused SMS.
All you need to become a part of our rapidly growing network of mobile users who earn through every text, is simply an Android smartphone and a bit of your time. Once started, you’ll start earning cash while we do all the work!
Your earning
Your earnings are estimated based on the SMS amount of traffic you share with SMS Cashback’s network is put to use. The more you share, the more you earn!
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SIM cards amount
SMS to sell
Kick start your SMS Cashback
and install the SMS Cashback application on your Android device, then create an account with your email address.
Account Verification
Verify your SMS Cashback account via your email. Once done, your phone contact number will be automatically derived.
Profile Completion
To start earning cool money from SMS Cashback, simply log into the app to complete your SIM card settings and set the daily SMS limit. It’s that easy!
Frequently Asked
How Much Can I Earn From SMS Cashback?
The amount you earn depends largely on the amount of credits you are able to gather. Once credit is allocated for each SMS.
How Secure Is The SMS Cashback App?
SMS Cashback is very secure for all users as communications as well as users’ data are all encrypted.
Is SMS Cashback Legit?
Absolutely! SMS Cashback is a legit app with thousands of users across the globe who cash out on a regular basis.
What Number Of SMS Is Okay For SMS Daily Limit?
You can set as many SMS as you want, but the recommended limit is 50 SMS per day.
How To Transfer Money From The SMS Cashback App To My Bank Account?
For each SIM card you activate on the SMS Cashback App, you are able to allocate a bank account. You will be able to request payment to your bank account once the minimum payout amount has been reached. Simply go to your dashboard and click “Request Payment”.
Is the SMS Cashback App Available For Iphone?
Due to the restrictions put in place by iOS on SMS, the SMS Cashback App is only available for Android users.
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the SMS Cashback
Passive Income
There is simply no better way to make good passive cash without having to do anything.
Download app for Android
Simple & User Friendly
With a user-friendly interface and dashboard where you can easily keep track of outgoing SMS and credits, the SMS Cashback App is designed for your convenience and easy accessibility
24/7 Support
With SMS Cashback embedded chat support system, you can have all your worries and questions attended to in next to no time.
Customizable & Flexible
You can set SMS limit, enable or disable various SIM cards and even switch countries.
Secure Transactions
You can view earnings and payments history as well as the status.
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